Friday, November 5, 2010

and here is a close up!
My first quilt that I made for 'Crochet for a Cause'
Hello there everyone! I decided to start my own blog so that I could share exciting and new information with all my friends and scrapbook lovers. Hopefully, as my transition to the new world of blogging occurs, I will be able to share alot of great information with everyone.
As many of you passion (aside from my family) is scrapbooking and taking photographs. I have newly become re-introduced to the world of crocheting, and have been doing this with a CAUSE in mind. As a Registered Nurse, I could not think of a better career for myself than my current position as a Heart Transplant Coordinator. What a greater gift than the gift of an organ to save another human being! In the transplant world, we are seeing more and more Living Donors, however with the heart, a person's life end's for another one's to begin. This cause we are doing at Henry Ford Hospital is to make blankets for Donor Family's. I think that these blankets are being made with great care, and will hopefully be a welcoming gesture and thank you for such a wonderful gift that was given. I will be posting pictures of my blankets, scrap-pages, and photography as my journey continues! Hopefully you will enjoy visiting me, as much as I know I will enjoy sharing!!